Reflektierendes Armband Armband für Fahrrad Laufen Joggen Klettverschluss 4cm gelb

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Reflektierendes Armband Armband für Fahrrad Laufen Joggen Klettverschluss 4cm gelb

  • Art.-ID 1382931
  • Artikelnummer 69191-uniw
  • Hersteller Hurtel
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Reflective Strap 4 cm yellow

Security in the traffic is the priority. You should be aware of the fact that in case of poor visibility, the driver cannot clearly see pedestrians or cyclists. This is why lots of tragic accidents happen. Fortunately there are simple and inexpensive ways of improving your safety while doing sports or walking in streets and roads. One of them is reflective straps which you can put on the ankle or forearm. It takes a few seconds but may save your health or life.


  • Brand: Hurtel
  • Type: Reflective strap
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Width: 4 cm
  • Adjustment: Through a Velcro fastener
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 16g (1 piece)
  • Application area: Ankle, forearm, backpack, bag, etc.

Major features:

  • Universal application
  • Intensive light reflection
  • Easy installation
  • Comfort of carrying
  • Perfect for athletes
  • Possible to fold on backpack, bag, bike element

Safety to entire family

Reflective straps are universal accessories which can help you provide safety to your entire family. They perform well during cycling trips, jogging as well as everyday returns from work or school when it is dark. You should equip your child with them because teenagers are highly exposed to traffic accidents arising from limited visibility.

Comfort of carrying

Straps will come in handy while doing sports outdoors because they are light, comfortable and do not limit your movements. You can put them on while running, cycling or walking. They remain stable on the ankle or forearm so don’t be afraid, they will not fall when you move dynamically.

Perfect visibility in the dark

Despite their small size and simple structure, reflective straps are very effective in improving your safety on the road. They intensively reflect light to make a pedestrian or cyclist highly visible and let the driver avoid the accident by keeping a suitable distance.

  • Art.-ID 1382931
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  • Modell 69191
  • Hersteller Hurtel
  • Herstellungsland Deutschland
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